Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SDK?
  • An SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a set of software tools and resources provided by a platform, software framework, or service. It includes libraries, documentation, sample code, and other components that developers use to create software applications for a specific platform, operating system, or framework. SDKs streamline the development process by providing pre-built functionality and standardized tools, allowing developers to focus on creating features rather than building everything from scratch. They are commonly used for developing applications for mobile devices, web platforms, and various software ecosystems.

  • Essentially, Scarab's SDK allows other platforms to seamlessly integrate our trading and wallet infrastructure. The other piece of the puzzle that the partnering platform would have to develop is a functional user-interface/front-end.

  • Our SDK is written in Typescript

Where can I see Scarab's SDK in action?
  • Our first partnership is with Defined.fi! They have integrated our trading and wallet infrastructure and now allow all users to enjoy trading on their platform.

Are there more partnerships lined up?
  • Since we were acquired by Defined in April 2024, future partnerships utilizing our SDK would be at their discretion.

Do you have a telegram bot for trading?
  • Scarab's telegram bot has been decommissioned in order to shift our focus to developing our SDK. However, our trading SDK is telegram bot ready, and is currently in use by Defined using their @defined_bot on telegram.

Can I export my private key somehow?
  • Yes. There is a function in the sdk to export private keys. Users sign with their passkey to get their private key. Your private key is never visible to us or our partner platforms.

Does SDK contain a function for getting most liquid pair by token address? Or I need to specify pair directly?
  • The pair needs to be specified. We suggest using the defined api to get the best pair.

Does SDK contain a functions for getting/canceling/editing orders?
  • Yes!

What kind of operations you can execute from user address? Is there any theoretical ability to rug them or you can execute only orders that they have made? How user can check it?
  • There is a policy on the users turnkey wallets that limits the actions that we can send on behalf of users. We can only send swap related actions.

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